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Windows 11 Android subsystem is updated to Android 12.1

Windows 11 Android subsystem is updated to Android 12.1

Although not yet officially available in Spain, Windows 11 has the ability to install Android applications through the Amazon AppStore. At the moment, it is in a preliminary phase, although it is available in the operating system for those who want to try it (officially, only available in the United States, with applications from the Amazon AppStore).

The Windows Subsystem for Android landed with version 11 of the mobile operating system. However, it had quite a few limitations when using mobile apps on a desktop operating system like Windows 11. Therefore, Microsoft wanted to take advantage of the release of Android 12L (Android 12.1) to improve this integration.

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Windows Subsystem for Android is updated with Android 12.1 and new integrations

Android 12.1 is characterized by introducing a large series of improvements that optimize the use of the operating system and its applications on portable and folding devices. So it was a good time for Microsoft to start testing the Android 12.1 update of the Android subsystem with the Insiders of the dev channel.

However, they have not only updated the Android version. In addition, they have introduced a large number of improvements. For example, Android applications will now be able to connect to devices on the same network as our computer, such as security cameras, speakers, smart plugs…

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For its part, the microphone, location or camera usage icons will show which Android applications are using these devices. Additionally, notifications sent from these apps will display as Windows 11 notifications, and the title window will reflect the name of the app.

Among these improvements we find that Android applications will not restart when we wake the computer from modern sleep mode, so we can continue where we left off. Also, fixed many bugs with camera apps and the orientation they reflect will be the natural orientation of the device.

Full changelog

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