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Will there be ads on the Android lock screen?

Will there be ads on the Android lock screen?

There is a rumor about a new advertising platform that plans to embed banner ads on the Android lock screen. We know that it is very worrying and that many will surely become paranoid with these types of ads. That is why in this note we want to disperse the rumor a bit and check if it is or not.

Let’s talk a little bit about this Android lock screen announcement rumor

There is a mobile advertising company called Glance (a subsidiary of InMobi), and it is a mobile marketing platform based in India. Glance recently created a platform to display content on the Android lock screen. This platform is already in use on low-end devices (such as Jio Phone Next) and serves as a dynamic lock screen. Various types of content can be displayed on it, such as wallpapers, news, and even videos.

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But what’s so worrisome about all of this? Well, it was recently reported that the content would include ads. In other words: that the Android lock screen could contain ads.

What’s interesting about all of this is that Glance has already responded to many of the accusations that have surfaced around the world. These have been his responses:

“Glance is not an advertising platform. Our primary goal is to create a secure lock screen and the best experience we can, and our commitment to consumers is that they never pick up their phone to see an ad on the lock screen, through the Glance platform.

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While Glance’s core value proposition is consistent, the look and feel will align with what our research shows consumers want in specific markets.

As Glance looks to add value every time it reaches for the phone, consumers can customize what they see on the lock screen.

Glance’s monetization plans are driven by the space a consumer chooses to consume at any given time. In other words, you can pay a subscription fee to have premium news displayed on your lock screen.”

The company does not seem to be very interested in bringing advertising to our lock screens

According to the company itself, it has no intention of bringing advertising to the Android lock screen. But this does not mean that it is beyond the realm of possibility. Let’s assume it’s true that Glance has no interest in showing ads to consumers, but that doesn’t mean participants follow the same rule. What happens if a user opts for a certain content provider and that provider includes ads in their content? Suddenly, all those promises made by Glance would come crashing down.

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But beyond the grave dangers of mobile advertising, consumers are already inundated with ads. And while you could unlock your phone from interacting with all that advertising, it’s far from a good idea. Those ads will consume your system resources, use data, clutter your lock screen, and generally diminish the entire Android experience.

We don’t need this to happen, so let’s have faith that it won’t. Also, for this to happen, Glance must announce their plans for this to happen in the US. So there is still time for this to happen or be tested by someone. We just hope the worst doesn’t happen.