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Why PS4’s E3 2015 Press Conference Might Disappoint

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Why PS4’s E3 2015 Press Conference Might Disappoint

“Everything was from third parties.” I expect Dolan, the magnificent meme duck, to be in fine form in just over a month, when Sony’s big E3 2015 press conference inevitably doesn’t live up to the hype. We live in constant fear of the Los Angeles restless event here at Maxi Game Towers, so it’s always a talking point: what will the Japanese giant reveal during its show? On this occasion, the feeling throughout the office is unanimous: you already know.

I’ve talked about third-party partnerships on this site before, but I think it’s important to discuss how they work in a bit more detail. Essentially, publishers align themselves with platform owners to better promote their products. The benefit to the creator of the game is that their title gets more exposure, while the manufacturer can market the version as one of their own. This often results in bonus content, console bundles, and PlayStation Blog coverage, as well as convention stage time.

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Think back to the PlayStation Experience, where the PlayStation maker almost upset the pace of its keynote by inviting Bungie onstage to talk about Destiny. The developer had nothing new to show off – The Dark Below had already been announced at the time – but it did show up for contractual reasons; the Activision-published first-person shooter has been on every Sony show since the PlayStation 4 was announced in February 2013. It’s part of the marketing deal.

And it will be at the organization’s press conference on E3 2015 in June, no doubt about that. Rumors have suggested that a full-scale expansion pack will be out later this year, and I personally will be shocked if the PlayStation maker doesn’t announce it. But that’s why I think you should temper your expectations for a great first love party next month: the organization has done too many deals with other publishers to have time to highlight its own stuff.

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Let me explain: Star Wars: Battlefront will be made aware of a major blowout during the press conference; Batman: Arkham Knight will surely have its launch trailer on display; No Man’s Sky is too big to avoid the event; Assassins Creed Syndicate looks like its return to the PlayStation fold; Call of Duty: Black Ops III could have changed sides; And these are just names we know. That’s easily an hour of press conference content – ​​if not more.

When you consider that Uncharted 4: A Thiefs End is also a lock for a gaming segment, while Sony is sure it will spotlight several indie titles as well – well, that’s more than enough to get it through. Project Morpheus is big business for the company, so it too will get the attention it deserves, and you’ll no doubt want to touch PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Now, PlayStation Vue and other key subscription-based services. There won’t be much time for anything else.

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I want to be clear here: I don’t think Sony will reject the development of the first game in the least, I just think that if you expect to see all of their exclusives distilled into a single 90-minute show, then you’re going to be very disappointed. There will be something, whether it’s from Guerrilla Games, Media Molecule or any other studio in the organization, but the volume will be split between Paris Games Week, PlayStation Experience and Tokyo Game Show.

And the point is that people are going to be disappointed, we’ve been talking about it with each other for weeks. The games are coming – we know they’re in development – but as the market leader, Sony is now in a prime position where it can hand-pick the best of the third-party crop. And that means the old E3 press conferences, packed with first-hand content from start to finish, may be long gone. I suggest you get used to that idea now.

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Do you think Sammy’s logic is sound, or do you think Sony will continue to have triumphs? Will you be disappointed if you focus on third-party content or are itching to see more of the Battlefront types? Talk about it in the comments section below.

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