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Why is WhatsApp Plus uninstalled from some Android phones?

Why is WhatsApp Plus uninstalled from some Android phones?

WhatsApp Plus is one of the most used instant messaging applications as well as the official version listed on the Play Store. However, it can cause some issues on the smartphones it runs on.

Although this tool is very convenient for hundreds of users, due to its friendly interface, the truth is that it is NOT official, so it can generate some conflicts that could hinder the proper functioning of a mobile device.

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If by any chance you checked your Android Smartphone and noticed that WhatsApp Plus is NO longer on your phone, it is most likely that Google had something to do with this unexpected decision.

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Why was WhatsApp Plus uninstalled from my phone

First of all, you must be clear that, if an app is automatically uninstalled from a phone, it is most likely that this mobile application has a virus and due to the protection of the terminal, the malicious file is deleted.

To avoid this type of unforeseen event, it is recommended to install WhatsApp Plus from a reliable page, so as not to have any Malware that harms the phone’s performance.

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It should be noted that most of the latest generation smartphones and when with their own protection, which facilitates the security of the applications and the information that is deposited in them.

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However, it is important to mention that Google has a tool called play protect, which scans apps for a harmful program and can remove or uninstall it from your smartphone.

In case you did not know, this tool protects you from any app that is not installed by the play store, that is not official and that could be an imminent danger.

If you want to disable it and prevent this from happening again, you can go into the Play Store settings and disable the security options. This way you can install all the applications you want: However, you must be careful with the files you download on your mobile device.

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