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Why is my iPhone wireless charger getting hot and not charging?

Why is my iPhone wireless charger getting hot and not charging?

In the iPhone 8 or later, there is the possibility of charging them wirelessly. If you are having problems with this way of charging and wondering why my iPhone wireless charger is getting hot and not charging, here are some possibilities that may be causing your iPhone to not charge properly and overheat.

We also leave you under these lines an article referring to the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro overheating when charging. Even if you have another model of iPhone, these recommendations are also valid, so we invite you to take a look if you are experiencing this problem.

Why is my iPhone wireless charger getting hot and not charging?

Do not use it while charging

While the phone is charging, it is recommended to leave it alone and do not use it. Doing so can cause you to overheat as you have to work too hard. This could cause the battery to be damaged and lose its health. While this shouldn’t actually stop the iPhone from charging (albeit perhaps at a slower rate), it could be causing the device to overheat.

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Do not use non-MFi devices

In principle, our recommendation is that you use original Apple brand wireless charging devices. In this way, you will save yourself a lot of headaches and it is easier to avoid this type of problem. However, if you don’t have original products, a good option may be those specific MFi (ie Made for iPhone). They are also reliable, since these types of products meet the standard that Apple imposes on manufacturers of this type of accessories so that they meet its efficiency standards.

If you are using a charger that is not original or MFi, be careful that it is not defective or not fully compatible with your iPhone. It is better to invest a little more in the equipment than to have to regret damage to the battery.

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Remove your iPhone case or cover

Wireless charging uses magnetic induction to charge the iPhone. Cases or other objects between iPhone and the charger can reduce performance, damage magnetic stripes, or damage RFID chips, such as those found on some credit cards, security plates, passports, or remote control keys. . Make sure there is nothing between the back of your iPhone and the charger.

disable vibration

If the iPhone vibrates (for example, when you receive a notification), this can change its position. This seemingly trivial thing can cause the charging pad to stop supplying power to the iPhone. To avoid this, try turning off vibration or turning on do not disturb mode.

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Try placing it in a cooler place.

If you are wondering “why is my iPhone wireless charger getting hot and not charging” and you have no answer after trying the tricks above, try placing both iPhone and charger in a cooler place. It can be the bathroom or a cool bedroom, but beware, under no circumstances put the iPhone in the fridge. Check if this makes the phone not get so hot when charging and it can continue charging without fear of damaging the battery.

Disconnect USB

iPhone will not charge wirelessly if connected via USB. If iPhone is connected to your computer via USB or a USB power adapter, it will charge using the USB connection. So, remove the cable and check if it charges with the wireless device, because the problem may be here.