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Who is Carlo Acutis, the “influencer of God” beatified by Pope Francis


Who is Carlo Acutis, the “influencer of God” beatified by Pope Francis

One of the stories that have most affected public opinion in recent weeks is the beatification of the very young Carlo Acutis, died in 2006 at only 15 years of leukemia. The real news, which however does not surprise the most assiduous faithful, is the discovery of his uncorrupted body during the opening of the tomb: an authentic modern miracle, which we could define miracle 2.0, in the perfect style that characterizes the “influencer of God” .

The example of God’s influencer for millennials

The brave and determined teenager has risen to the limelight for having completed an absolutely original work worthy of admiration: through frequent and stoic pilgrimages, some of which were made after the onset of the disease, he documented the Eucharistic miracles that took place all over the world, reporting them on a website created by himself a few months before his death.

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The site denotes Carlo’s passion for Internet and for the world of millennials and, at the same time, his desire to communicate the Gospel, the values ​​and the beauty of Christianity through new technologies, through which he could have reached the hearts of millions of young people directly. These characteristics of him have never entered into contradiction: on the contrary, Carlo lived his youth with joy by dedicating himself totally to these interests of him. Currently, this space hosts several sections dedicated to associations, children, prayer groups and exhibitions organized by Carlo.

Anyone who knew him was deeply impressed by the enthusiasm with which the boy dedicated his short but meaningful life to spread the word of God above all by example, tirelessly helping the poor and the people whom society had marginalized. As a demonstration of the great affection and admiration that the community had for him, the beatification ceremony saw the presence of all the people that Charles loved to attend and to whom he gladly dedicated his time: mainly poor and homeless, but also numerous porters of the elegant neighborhood where he lived.