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Where are Telegram videos saved on Android and iOS?

Where are Telegram videos saved on Android and iOS?

Have you ever wondered where telegram videos are saved on Android and iOS? Well, we guess so, because if not, you probably wouldn’t be reading this. Maybe you want to know because they have sent you a funny video that you want to forward and you can’t find it. Or it is also possible that you have run out of storage space. Or you just downloaded Telegram and are playing around with the app a bit. Be that as it may, we are going to tell you where Telegram videos are saved on Android and iOS. It never hurts to know.

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Where are Telegram videos saved on Android

Finding Telegram videos on Android mobile is pretty easy. Especially when compared to iOS (you can read about it below).

The first thing you need is a File Explorer. Your phone probably already comes with a native one (created by the brand manufacturer), so you can choose to use the same one or download a different one. We recommend that you install Google’s file browser, which is called Google Files. Be it one or the other, at most what will change will be the interface, but in both you will find the same folders.

Once you are clear about which file browser you want to use, open it and locate the Device’s Internal Storage. If you have chosen to use Google Files, first go to the Explore tab and from there to Internal storage.

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Within the internal storage you will find numerous folders, one for each application you have. Look for the folder called Telegram, where all the content that has come to you through the app will be, and locate the one with the videos. As you will see, there will be a separate subfolder for each type of content: one for images and videos, one for voice messages or audio files, and one for documents.

If what you want is to share the video you were looking for, you can use the Android share menu to send the file to whoever you want. And that is! Now you know where Telegram videos are stored on your phone and how to access them.

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Where are Telegram videos saved on iOS

On iOS, however, things work differently. You will not be able to access these file folders as easily as it happens on Android, we already told you that. Why that Well neither more nor less than by decision of Apple itself. It’s supposed to be a security measure, but from an iOS user’s perspective it’s a chore, as is business.

Not being able to access these file folders, iPhone owners will have no choice but to go to the Telegram app itself. Once there, you’ll need to remember who sent you the video and click on their profile. From there you will have access to all the photos or videos (media), files, voice messages, links, etc. that you have shared in common.

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When you locate the video, you have two options: you can share it directly with someone, or click the Save Video option. If you choose the latter, the video will be saved in the Photos folder of your iPhone and you can access it whenever you want. Fixed!

We hope this article on where to save Telegram videos on Android and iOS helped you.