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WhatsApp: the native app for iPad is finally coming

WhatsApp: the native app for iPad is finally coming

In the past few hours, the well-known social messaging network, Whatsapp, has released an update of its app for iOS devices. Let’s talk about the version 2.19.40. This has brought with it a number of improvements. But it is not about these that we want to talk to you today. It seems, in fact, that one has been found native version for iPad.

Well yes, it has been talked about for a long time. Whatsapp has never made a native application available for one of the most popular Apple devices ever, iPad. The company tried to launch an app that worked with WhatsApp Web but it was completely a flop. However, it seems that the house has decided to listen to user requests. An iPad application may be arriving very soon.

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WhatsApp: support found in the codes of the latest update

The home of the messaging social network is working hard day in and day out for put an end to all bugs still present on your app. At the same time, however, it is opening up to new horizons. It appears the company is already testing an app with native iPad support. We remind you that this is currently not available on the App Store. However, it seems that someone has already got their hands on it.

The webetainfo colleagues seem to have already tested the aforementioned version of WhatsApp for iPad. This turns out to be in all respects similar to the app on the iPhone. According to what emerged, iInitially it will not be possible to use the same phone number on both devices. In the future, however, the company will also make this feature available. Look forward to further updates on this.