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Whatsapp expired, click here to renew: scam message

Whatsapp expired, click here to renew: scam message

Whatsapp it is a channel much appreciated by cybercriminals who use it to convey real scams. Today we present one to keep away from because it concerns our credit card.

We take this opportunity to remind you to be wary of any communication relating to a Whatsapp subscription or fees to pay. The instant messaging application has no plans of this type, so let’s be careful.

We recently talked about a scam message that offers free use of the app, today we’re back to talking about content to be trashed promptly without even opening the attached links. The message in question invites users to enter their credit card details to renew the alleged “subscription”.

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The message warns the user of the expiration of his subscription (which, it is worth remembering once again, does not exist), to renew it it is necessary to pay 0.99 euros. Otherwise, photos, videos and messages will be lost, a scam that aims to scare users but, as usual, these are nothing-based threats.

In support of this communication, a link click to extend the duration of your account, by clicking you will be directed to an address that requires the insertion of data relating to the credit card. Avoid opening the link, the ideal is to directly delete the message without giving it too much credit.

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The traffic of scams on Whatsapp does not stop, an ideal channel for the bad guys considered i 1.2 billion of active users in the world, of which over 20 million in Italy alone.