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WhatsApp: a new scam targeting iOS users found

WhatsApp: a new scam targeting iOS users found

A survey carried out by researchers from Citizen Lab in collaboration with Motherboard has led, in the past few hours, to the discovery of one new WhatsApp themed scam. The victims, this time, are the owners of iOS devices. What’s it about? Let’s go and find out together.

WhatsApp scams are commonplace. The bad guys often exploit the Facebook app’s notoriety to except deceive users. The scam unearthed by Citizen Lab put iOS users’ data at risk. The curious thing? The origins are Italian! Here are all the details.

WhatsApp: the Italian scam that puts the data of iOS users at risk

The scam we are talking about today is all about phishing. The hackers, in fact, used a fake website to make iOS users download a WhatsApp app that is anything but safe. By clicking on download, in fact, users have installed an MDM configuration profile on their iPhone. Through this, the hackers gained access to various user data. Citizen Lab discovered that the attack was carried out by a well-known Italian company, Cy4Gate. The idea is that this had created everything to offer it to targeted users.

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WhatsApp has made it known, through a spokesperson, that it will never ask its users to install MDM profiles on their devices. Furthermore, he urged everyone to rely on the official channels for downloading the app. We also remind you that in recent days, Apple has released an important security update for iPhone and iPad. Find all the details about it in this dedicated article. Look forward to any updates in this regard.

Ph. Credit: WhatsApp.com