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What NASA says about the alleged collision between SpaceX and a UFO

What NASA says about the alleged collision between SpaceX and a UFO

The space agency NASA has assured that last weekend a group of astronauts had a spectacular encounter. Apparently, in fact, it is thought it was just a unidentified flying object encountered when they were flying to the International Space Station. What does NASA say about the alleged collision between Space X and a UFO, then?

There is no doubt, in fact, that on Monday April 26 the astronauts crew of the SpaceX rocket had some kind of collision with what, apparently, is a flying object that the space agency was unable to identify. This question must be taken with due caution.

Several people witnessed what happened. NASA is also rumored to have recommended preparing for an accident. And, a few seconds later, the spacecraft would be able to turn and avoid the “unknown” object. Which, for some, may even have been one of the many space debris orbiting our planet.

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The details of what happened

The strange event happened last weekend and, according to NASA, there was no time to perform an evacuation maneuver. Likewise, the only alternative that members had aboard the SpaceX-owned Crew Dragon capsule is said to have been to wear the pressurized suits in the event of an accident.

Kelly Humphries, spokesman for NASA, assured that “the NASA / SpaceX team has been informed of the possible collision by the United States Space Command”. In addition, he added, “the object to be monitored is classified as ‘unknown’ and the possibility of a collision occurred just in the vicinity of the possible approach so that there was no time to calculate and perform a maneuver to avoid debris with safety, so the SpaceX team chose to have the crew wear the pressurized suits out of caution “.

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The incident piqued the pentagon’s curiosity

The Pentagon reportedly notified and warned NASA of the possibility of an accident after the launch of the spacecraft. Erin ****, a spokeswoman for the United States Space Command confirmed that, “after more detailed analysis, the 18th Space Control Squadron quickly determined that there was no threat of collision, and that everyone on board was safe. and the spacecraft was not at risk “.

On the other hand, according to spokesman Humphries, the closest point the UFO could have reached was 45 kilometers away from the spacecraft and, therefore, “there was no real danger to the crew or the spacecraft” .