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What is the PC serial port and why is it no longer used?

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What is the PC serial port and why is it no longer used?

which can be a computer with a peripheral, but where data is transmitted at a rate of 1 bit per pulse or clock cycle in one or both directions. So the advantage of these interfaces is that they are relatively simple and are often used for external peripherals like keyboards, printers, mice, game controllers, scanners, and a long list of other devices.

Why did the serial port disappear

To begin with, we must clarify that it is totally false that they disappeared, they are still used today and they are the US ports. Dropping that statement is like saying that we no longer have parallel ports to connect cards since the ISA port disappears and is replaced by PCI ports first and PCI Express later. That is, the appearance of a technology that does the same thing, but in a more efficient and accessible way.

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The most popular COM port used for years was called RS-232, which could transmit 19.2Kbps, yes, this means 0.0192 megs in one second. Today with a standard USB4 you have a bandwidth of 40 Gbps. The speed difference is 2,083,333.33 times faster than the fastest serial port type back then. So we can certainly say without a doubt that this has evolved a lot from how it was on the first PCs.

Today and due to the fact that there are still systems with applications that make use of this type of port to communicate their data with the outside world. This is something that few people know, but originally the environments did not support multitasking, so the information was transmitted from one computer to another through this port. Well, the famous clipboard with the functions of cutting, copying and pasting emulate the operation at the software level of the COM or RS-232 serial port.

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They are hidden all over your PC

Normally we usually call port or slot to any interconnection to which we can connect a peripheral or an internal component, but the reality is that, for example, the connections for the use of fans are a type of serial port whose information allows to regulate the speed to which these work.

Another example is in your video connection, which is a mixed type connection. For one thing, images and audio are transmitted in parallel, but things like setup for synchronization between the display and the video interface are done through a serial port included in the same connector.

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So the answer is that they haven’t disappeared, they just got faster or transformed by being integrated into other ports. What is normal and usual in the technological evolution to which we are accustomed.