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What is the difference between a PC, a laptop and a desktop? | computer | windows | Present

What is the difference between a PC, a laptop and a desktop? | computer | windows | Present

Speaking correctly about technology, it is sometimes necessary to clarify some of the most used terms in this field. Yes OK now we have infinite options to enjoy, this great variety can make users confuse the meaning of each element, tool or device.

This happens very often with computers, which, for the most part, are simply called personal computers. This denomination has caused that its variants, such as the laptop and other equipment of the same line, are poorly differentiated.

Here I explain to you what is the main difference between these computers and how it is that we must mention them correctly to be able to blow on our next acquisition, as well as be aware of this topic.

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What is a computer

To quickly resolve the following doubts, it is necessary to mention that almost all the terms used for computers are in the English language. PC is personal computer, which translates to personal computer. That said, it encompasses all the models there are for a computer.

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So how are they different from laptops?

Many people still wonder what is better to work or study, if one laptop or PC is superior to the other; however, the query would not be well formulated since the laptop is simply a computer.

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It turns out that “lap”, translated into Spanish, means lap, that is, The laptop is a computer that is designed to be used in a hollow area or surface, such as can be done between a person’s waist and knees, although most people use it on a desktop with its flat space.

Examples of laptops are MacBooks and Chromebooks, which differ in that they have a different operating system; on the one hand, those that work with macOS, while, on the other, there are those that work with Windows respectively.

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And what is a Desktop

Finally, classic desks are so named because “desk” means desk, where we position this computer most of the time. In short, they are the computers that have their components in a single space, mainly the monitor, as well as those computers that fit their parts to assemble them in a single box.

What to do if my laptop does not have Wi-Fi

We must know that there is more than one fault that can make Wi-Fi networks not appear on our laptop. From a problem with the internet router to a configuration error. Next, we detail the most common cases.

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router failures

One of the most common problems when we do not have a Wi-Fi connection on the laptop is related to the router that provides internet to all the computers in the house. One of the basic actions to take in this situation is to restart the modem and the computer. It is a very simple method, but it usually works on many occasions.

driver problems

A malfunction in the drivers of the Wi-Fi network card can trigger failures when connecting, that it does not recognize correctly and that, in short, does not allow you to navigate correctly. This can happen when updating the operating system, for example.

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To solve it we must update the drivers. In this way we will avoid problems related to the drivers. To do this, you need to go into Device Manager. Then, we go to Network adapters and click on the Wi-Fi controller with the second button.

installed programs

Sometimes, out of desperation or necessity, we install programs from unknown sources without knowing that they can cause damage or failure of our laptop’s system processes. If you have recently installed something, you can try uninstalling it and see if this returns the Wi-Fi network that allows you to connect to the Internet to normal.

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Firewall or antivirus errors

Protecting our laptop from possible hacks or malware that can cause damage is essential, that’s why we turn to antivirus. However, Microsoft has its own firewall that prevents files of dubious origin from entering our computer.