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What are the iPhones that cannot be sold in Colombia and how much do they cost?

What are the iPhones that cannot be sold in Colombia and how much do they cost?

Last Monday, the Civil Court 043 of the Bogotá Circuit prohibited the sale in Colombia of Apple’s iPhone and iPad 5G, since they violated claim number 13 of the Colombian patent. NC2019/0003681, declared essential to the 5G standard and issued to Ericsson in 2019 and will be valid until December 2037.

This comes after the lawsuit between Ericsson and Apple over the patent issue began. This happened because the agreements between the two companies expired in 2021 and they were unable to reach an agreement.

The license was signed in 2015, but fell through. Ericsson claims that Apple has infringed 12 patents under which it expects Apple to pay up to $5 for each device sold.

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It also ordered the Directorate of Taxes and Customs (DIAN) not to import these devices, which are the entire range of iPhones from 12 and several iPads. In total, there are eight iPhones and three iPads that cannot be sold in the country until a new agreement is reached.

According to the official prices of the products according to iShop, the official website records them as follows:

In addition, there are two other devices that cannot be marketed in Colombia either and that Apple no longer sells, but can be found in other companies:

This dispute between the two technology companies has been going on since 2015, when Ericsson attributes inventions so that today’s world can enjoy different types of Internet connections, such as 5G.

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That is why the Swedish company seeks, and as mentioned above, that Apple pay up to 5 dollars for each device it sells that uses this type of technology, something that the apple company flatly refuses to do.

The precautionary measure also orders the “National Tax and Customs Directorate (DIAN) to carry out all actions aimed at preventing the importation into the Republic of Colombia of Apple brand devices or cell phones in which the technology protected by Claim 13 of Patent No. 36031.

And to the company to immediately cease the use of “any advertising material that it promotes or offers through the Internet, social network platforms, mass media, press media, electronic platforms or any other similar means, devices or cell phones Apple brand.

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