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Waze and Spotify unveil the top ten music by motorists

Waze and Spotify unveil the top ten music by motorists

In recent days the ranking of the most listened to by car has been released: it is one top ten made by Spotifythe world’s most popular streaming music app, in partnership with Waze, the social navigation application used by over 130 million people. Since their collaboration started in 2017, users can drive absolutely safely thanks to Waze Audio Player.

The podium of the most listened to and hummed songs

For Waze and Spotify, the social navigation and music streaming apps respectively, the most listened to song in the car in 2019 is Señorita: the gold medal it’s all for the duo formed by Camila Cabello, former X Factor USA contestant, and Canadian singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes. In Italy, Señorita is already platinum, with over 150,000 records sold.

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Silver goes to the spanglish smash and reggaeton by Daddy Yankee and Snow, With Calma. Despite the second place, in Italy they took their revenge on Shawn and Camila, reaching over 200 thousand copies sold. The song was also released in a remixed version entitled Con Calma Remix, with the participation of Katy Perry.

Still on the remix theme, Old Town Road takes bronze and the lowest step of the podium. To the debut song by rapper Lil Nas X, Billy Rae Cyrus adds a touch of country. The song “made in Kentucky broke the record on the Billboard Hot 100, the leading music industry chart in the US, staying at the top for 19 consecutive weeks.

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From fourth to tenth place

In fourth place is pop with Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber: I Don’t Care wins the platinum disc in Italy by conquering the first position. Halfway through the table we return to Puerto Rico: it is Calma – Remix, the song by Pedro Capó and Farruko. In sixth place is the song Sunflower from the soundtrack of the animated film SpiderMan: A new universe: the song is by rappers Post Malone and Swae Lee.

In seventh position we find the very young Billie Eilishclass of 2001 and revelation of 2019, with Bad Guya song that ousted Old Town Road – bronze medal for Waze and Spotify – from the top position on the Billboard Hot 100 after 133 days of domination.

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There Shallow by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga win position number eight: the song was awarded the Oscars as the best song of 2019 for the film A Star Is Born. The penultimate place, on the other hand, goes to Ariana Grande and his 7 Ringstrack from the hit album Thank U, Next.

The ranking ends with the song-manifesto of the history of music: dated 1975, the immortal Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen it ranks in tenth place and still continues to be listened to by fans today, recording over 1 billion plays on Spotify.

  1. Señorita: Camila Cabello, Shawn Mendes
  2. With Calma: Daddy Yankee, Snow
  3. Old Town Road: Billy Rae Cyrus, Lil Nas X
  4. I Don’t Care: Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber
  5. Calma – Remix: Farruko, Pedro Capó
  6. Sunflower (Spider-Man: A New Universe): Post Malone, Swae Lee
  7. Bad Guy: Billie Eilish
  8. Shallow (A Star Is Born): Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga
  9. 7 Rings: Ariana Grande
  10. Bohemian Rhapsody (Remastered 2011): Queen