Wacom’s new CintiQ 21UX is a graphic designer’s dream

This new model doubles the sensitivity of the already veteran 210UX but maintains the same ratio of work in 4:3 format with a remarkable resolution of 1600×1200 points. This new unit also introduces VGA and DVI connectivity as well as a new stand and shortcut buttons on both the front and back of the screen that allow programmed actions in autorun profiles as we switch from one application to another.

This new unit has an ambidextrous design and new tip technology that allows you to execute advanced options such as stroke weight, opacity or exposure with precision for the most subtle movements. Its new generation base allows you to practically knock the screen down or also rotate it at a maximum angle of 60 degrees.

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This new tablet is priced at $2,000 (not yet announced in Europe) and won’t be available until April. As is evident, at this price, it is not a product very close to the domestic public but rather to professionals who want direct editing on the screen as a means of significantly increasing their productivity.