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Valve hopes Steam Deck will be your next PC upgrade

Valve hopes Steam Deck will be your next PC upgrade

The designers of Valve they think that Steam Deck would be ideal for those looking to upgrade their old platform.

There are still some serious questions surrounding the ability of Steam Deck to play games of the future, but in all the tests and demos you’ve done Valvethere still hasn’t been a single game that the Deck can’t play.

In fact, Valve confident in the abilities of the Deck which even recommends it for your next update of pc.

“We don’t have a strong prediction that many people will choose this as their first PC,” said the designer of Valve Greg eat to Rock, Paper, Shotgun in a recent interview, “but since a lot of people choose to upgrade their existing PCs, we’re pretty sure the Steam Deck will be one of their choices.”

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the designer of Deck, Lawrence Yangagrees and says Deck it’s a “little PC you can plug things into.”

Yang added that you won’t need the dock so that the Deck output to a monitor like a pc traditional, and the Deck it will work the same whether it is docked or not. You’ll still need a USB-C to HDMI adapter to output in 4K, but Coomer admits the performance of the Deck at higher resolutions “it really depends on the game.”

“It’s like any other PC in that regard, where if you push it hard in that direction, there are a lot of games that would start to go way below our target frame rate of even 30fps.”

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Until now, the Deck it looks pretty impressive in all the demos we’ve seen, but whether it would be an ideal upgrade depends on what you’re starting with.

If you’re looking to upgrade equipment that’s generations old, say something that was made more than five years ago, then the Deck it will probably provide a performance boost.

If you want a handheld, the Deck is much better than Nintendo switch in terms of hardware, and it even outperforms many gaming laptops.

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