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Valve could accept that Microsoft included Xbox Game Pass on Steam

Valve could accept that Microsoft included Xbox Game Pass on Steam

The model of Microsoft’s subscription service, Xbox Game Pass, draws the attention of Gabe Newell for his brainchild, Steam. However, the interest would not lie so much in copying this system but in supporting a possible implementation on the platform.

Recently the average pc gamer interviewed Gabe Newell, the founder of Steam. In the conversation they talked about Steam Deck, but at one point the topic of a possible creation of a “Game Pass launched by Valve” was touched on. Newell denied any interest in launching a subscription service of his own, but did make a very interesting comment regarding Xbox Game Pass:

“I don’t think it’s something we should do ourselves, build a subscription service at this point. However, it’s clearly a popular choice for their customers, and we’d be more than happy to work with them to bring that to Steam.” .»

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In other words, Valve would be willing to help Microsoft increase the coverage of the Xbox Game Pass service so that it works on Steam as well. With this, those who paid for the PC or Ultimate version could download their games from Steam and not just from the Microsoft Store, as is currently the case.

If the will is in Valve, it would be necessary for Microsoft to take the step for this to become a reality. This may sound complicated, because at first the logical thing is to think that the company prefers that everything be managed exclusively from the Microsoft Store, but cases like the recent migration of the ‘launcher’ from Bethesda to Steam give an idea that Phil Spencer could give in to massify the number of Game Pass subscribers.

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In fact, the executive recently showed his interest in Steam Deck. Perhaps this will become the opportunity for the new portable console and Xbox Game Pass to have a close relationship.

Source: pc player