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Valve announces SteamOS, its own Linux-based operating system

Valve announces SteamOS, its own Linux-based operating system

Despite the fact that a possible announcement of Half-Life 3 or the presentation of the Valve console, the alleged SteamBox, was expected, after generating great expectation for the announced event, finally the novelty presented by Valve has been Steam OSan free operating system designed to be used on the classroom computer, or HTPC, such as media center and game center. It is based on Linux and will include the version of Steam in “Big Picture” mode for this operating system as standard.

Microsoft’s launch of its own gaming platform alongside Windows 8 did not sit well with Valve, and since its launch, the company’s CEO, Gabe Newell, began a harsh campaign of criticism against Redmond that has culminated in the commitment to Linux as the operating system for its Steam game distribution platform, which, although it already has several hundred compatible games, is still a long way from offering the entire catalog of the Windows version.

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SteamOS not only focuses on games, from Valve they point out that it also supports real-time streaming between other computers via WiFi and can be used as a media center with access to a catalog of movies and music and strict parental control to protect the little ones in the house from unwanted content.

It will be necessary to see if the idea gels between the users and the game developers, at the moment it seems that Crytek, the creators of the first Far Cry and the Crysis saga, will launch games for this platform, but we doubt that other greats like EA will resign to its own Origin distribution platform to offer its titles on Steam for Linux.

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On the other hand, Valve wants to continue maintaining the “hype” by launching a new countdown for another announcement that will take place during this week, we will be attentive to offer you the news first hand since we hope that they announce something more “juicy”.