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Valentine’s Day: here are the best destinations to celebrate with your partner

Valentine’s Day: here are the best destinations to celebrate with your partner

We are never at the beginning of February and in a few days it will be the feast of lovers, Valentine’s Day and most of us are already thinking about what to do and how to spend the whole day dedicated to love with our partner. Many will organize a romantic dinner, others will make homade gifts for their other half, but some may think about a little romantic getaway to relax.

We have selected below the best destinations for a perfect couple trip for this 2022. Obviously there is something for all tastes and interests. We can choose alternative or more intimate destinations to go under the banner of the beauty of luxury. This year Valentine’s Day will be on Monday and why not it could be an excuse to start the journey earlier as an excellent opportunity to escape from everyday life.

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Best destinations for Valentine’s Day

At this time of year some cities in Europe like Prague and Paris are even more romantic than usual with the winter lights and the white color of the snow. If we don’t want to leave Italy, there are many romantic destinations, from tree houses to small villages in Liguria and Abruzzo. Let’s find out all of them.

  1. Paris

Always considered the favorite destination of lovers, Paris is not only this, it is not alone walks on the Seine and cuddles and kisses under the Eiffel Tower. In addition to this one could add one visit to the Erotic Museum, near the Mouline Rouge. There are seven plans to learn about the history of eroticism across the world and cultures. and why not take some advice.

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2. Prague

Reaching the observation tower is an essential step to do in Prague. Along the way we might find the statue of Karel Hynek Mácha, the great Czech Romantic poet, who is the meeting point for lovers who make an appointment to swear eternal love on May 1stday of love in the Czech Republic. Although it will not be the official day of love, we can kiss under the statue and promise you eternal love.

3. New York

Let’s say that a nice romantic getaway in NYC is always good. Of course we should skate arm in arm at Rockefeller Center, or snuggle up warmed by the blanket on a carriage ride along Central Park. Furthermore, if we want to remain in following the tradition we must not fail a kiss on Ellis Island which from 1892 to 1954 was the main point of entry for immigrants. The checkpoint officers dubbed a column ‘kissing post’. It was precisely at that point, in fact, that the new Americans found families and loves they had not seen for some time.

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4. Bordeaux

In this French region rich in the most beautiful collections of vineyards, it is possible to lose ourselves in tasting excellent wines, perhaps the most famous of the world and get to know the fascinating land of the Gironde. Our tour to discover the pleasures of French wine cannot fail to stop at delightful medieval city of Saint-Emilion and its vineyards.

5. Blarney-Castle

Do we need luck in love? Our destination could not be Blarney-Castle. According to legend, anyone who kisses the stone placed on top of the castle will be rewarded with an extraordinary gab and with the ability to charm even the most skeptical of people. He is advised to lie on his back and kiss the stone upside down.

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6. South Wales

For a perfect romantic getaway it is good reach what remains of Ogmore Castlenot far from Cardiff, to admire the most romantic spectacle ever seen anywhere else for a romantic night under a fascinating path of stars.

7. Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre National Park includes the municipalities of Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. I’m delightful and small villages connected to each other by the Blue Path, easier, and by the Red Path, more challenging. The path of love, one of the most romantic in the world, is unfortunately only open to the public for a short distance that is worth taking to enjoy one of the most romantic views of the Cinque Terre.

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8. Venice

Together with Paris, Venice is defined as the city of love par excellencebut this is not the only destination we can think of in Italy. In this tree house in Monferrato you can sleep in a delightful retreat perfect for two. The romantic road of the Langhe and Roero is a path between villages and castles of the Langhe and Roero, between the provinces of Asti and Cuneo. The route is marked by belvedere and romantic vantage points, over hills and vineyards.

9. Verona

In the city of Romeo and Juliet, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Piazza Brà with a special event, Verona in Love. The event invites you to celebrate the Valentine’s Day in a romantic way and in a suggestive setting: the historic center of Verona. An awaited event, this event consecrated to the myth of Juliet and the theme of love has already been aroused a great success in past editions.

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Image by piviso from Pixabay