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Using the iPhone in the rain or under water will be possible thanks to this patent

Using the iPhone in the rain or under water will be possible thanks to this patent

Sure, your phone is designed to withstand a little moisture, but that doesn’t make it easy to type on a wet screen or with wet fingers.

Apple has just received a new patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office called “Modifying the functionality of an electronic device during a moisture exposure event.”

With this patent, Apple plans to adapt the iPhone screen to moisture whether it is a light rain, a constant downpour or the terminal is used underwater.

the false touches on the screen generated by the liquid will be detected by the technology included in the patent and eliminated. On-screen controls could change accordingly, with buttons getting bigger and further apart to improve accuracy when pressing the right button when the screen is wet.

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At the same time, the iPhone’s capacitive screen would automatically switch to a pressure-sensitive screen similar to Apple’s Force Touch and 3D Touch technologies, which are no longer used.

To prevent raindrops or liquid from accidentally triggering touch inputs, Apple would require these finger pressures to squeeze more than a dynamic threshold that would change depending on the type of moisture event (light rain, heavy rain, for example). example) that makes it difficult to type accurately on the touch screen.

An image from the patent documentation shows an iPhone camera app that offers settings for “dry,” “wet,” and “underwater” modes. Depending on the mode, changes are made to the camera’s user interface.

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For example, in wet mode, some UI features are removed, while in underwater mode, some controls are replaced with oversized buttons. They are easier to activate underwater, but have restricted functionality.

The phone screen will display the current depth of the device so that the user stays within the water resistance limits of the terminal. Apple will need to be careful when expanding the size and changing the location of the camera UI buttons to make sure users don’t get confused.

Apple receives many patents over the course of a year, and not all of them result in the immediate implementation of new technology. It is not clear if Apple will implement this patent in iPhones.