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UDOO X86: 10 times better than a Raspberry Pi 3

UDOO X86: 10 times better than a Raspberry Pi 3

There board for maker more powerful than ever it is called UDOO X86 and it is an all-Italian project. In fact, this board really appears to be 10 times more powerful than a Raspberry Pi 3 and currently comes in two versions la Basic and Advanced.

There UDOO X86 it’s a board with very small dimensions, in fact it measures only 12 x 8.5 cm; but in a small space it integrates everything necessary to be used both as a computer both as a card Arduino.

The strong point of this card is represented by the processors quad core; in fact a Intel Braswell X5-E8000 at 2 Ghz for the base model and a Pentium N3710 2.56 Ghz in the advanced version. In addition, up to 8 GB of RAM and a rich supply of doors including a door Ethernet, a door HDMI and an infrared receiver M.2 for SSD disks and the inevitable GPIO.

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UDOO X86 Integra Arduino 101 (Video at the bottom of the page)

Yes, it also integrates a Arduino 101 and is compatible with all modules and IDE 101. Also, a really cool feature is that the 101 can be played while the Intel X86 CPU is off.

UDOO X86 can be used on Linux, Android and Windows thus making it a versatile device that adapts very well to the needs of more experienced users.

Furthermore, another strong point lies in the price, in fact, for the Basic version they are enough 89 $. But shipments will start in November. Currently, this Italian project is depopulating on Kickstarter and has already nearly four times over its $ 100,000 goal.

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In conclusion, we attach the video presentation of the project on Kickstarter and two infographics showing the technical composition of this Board UDOO all Italian.