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Ubuntu Linux arrives on the Windows Store for Windows 10 | Download

Ubuntu Linux arrives on the Windows Store for Windows 10 | Download

Windows 10 now allows you to install and run a distribution Ubuntu Linux without resorting to creating a USB pendrive or leave the Microsoft operating system interface. This news had already been announced in May and has now become a reality.

After introducing the bash of Linux on Windows with the launch of theAnniversary Update and after the entry of the Redmond company into the Linux Foundation, Microsoft has decided to officially launch Ubuntu within its own Windows Store. This happened thanks to the collaboration of Canonical. However, it must be clarified immediately that this is not a complete distribution Linux but only from the command line (text shell).

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Ubuntu: Now installable on Windows 10 via the Windows Store

Ubuntu runs on Windows 10 inside a sendbox. This allows developers and users to use the “penguin” shell without relying on dual boot and without using virtualization software. Thanks to this system, in addition to Ubuntuthey may soon arrive on the Windows Store other Linux distributions, such as SuSE And Fedora.

Users of Windows 10 they will be able to install and use Linux on the same machine, even at the same time. With this new possibility, users of Windows 10 they may have the possibility in the future to install the entire Linux distribution along with the GUI. As the software has just landed on the store, the possibilities are still very limited but of course we remain confident.

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The text shell of Ubuntu it can be downloaded and installed by simply accessing the Windows Store page from this link. However, the installation can only be done on preview versions of Windows 10that is, those distributed through the program Windows Insider.