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Type 2 diabetes: A glass of wine with dinner can reduce symptoms

Type 2 diabetes: A glass of wine with dinner can reduce symptoms

Very often we are led to think that drinking a glass of wine every night could make us feel guilty, but according to a new study this is not the case. According to the latter enjoying a nice glass of wine with meals can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. The researchers found that people who do had it 14% less of likelihood of developing the condition compared to people who drank between meals.

However, those who drank beer or alcohol found an increased risk of developing metabolic diseases. Drinking moderate amounts of wine with meals can prevent type 2 diabetes if you don’t have another health condition which could be adversely affected and in consultation with your doctor.

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Drinking wine with a meal can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes

Previous studies have suggested that a compound found in grape skin, known as polyphenols, are capable of lowering blood sugar levels. Red wine, in particular, is rich in beneficial plant chemicals such as resveratrol which acts as an antioxidant. Type 2 diabetes causes blood sugar levels to be elevated due to insulin, the hormone that regulates the amount of glucose in the blood. This condition if not treated in time it can be deadly and damage the heart, nerves and eyes.

About 4.7 million in the UK alone have developed this condition, many of them over the age of 40 with a chronic condition. 8,600 of the adults involved in the study developed type 2 diabetes. They had no diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or cancer when they joined the study. The research findings are still in the preliminary stages, but the researchers said they found that the beneficial associations between alcohol consumption with meals and type 2 diabetes were primarily driven by wine consumption. Obviously experts advise that those who have never used alcohol should certainly not start.

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On the contrary, those who use it should pay attention to the quantity and should drink in moderation. Moderate consumption is defined as one glass of wine or other alcoholic beverage per day for women and up to two glasses per day for men. Despite the findings, the relationship between alcohol consumption and new-onset type 2 diabetes remains controversial. The data suggests that what is in wine may be contributing to the reduction of type 2 diabetes. that is the antioxidants. Although it is necessary to define the type of wine, red or white, and validation of these findings and benefit mechanisms is required, the findings suggest that if alcohol is consumed with meals, wine might be a better choice.

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