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Twitter: the new “Share Tweet” menu arrives on iOS

Twitter: the new “Share Tweet” menu arrives on iOS

The house of Twitter has just decided to update its app for iOS devices. Among the innovations introduced, one that will allow users to interact much more easily. We are talking about a new proprietary sharing panel. What changes compared to the native one of iOS? Let’s find out together.

Twitter is continuing to work hard to make its social media as appealing and intuitive as possible. The new menu “Share Tweet”Introduced in the past few hours with the latest update will allow share your tweets quickly and easily. Let’s find out how it works.

Twitter: this is how the “Share Tweet” menu works

Although the native iOS sharing panel is still available in the app, Twitter has seen fit to introduce a proprietary one. The benefits within the social network are considerable. This, in fact, view all the users with whom we usually interact for a more precise and faster sharing. But that’s not all, the panel also shows all the main messaging apps on your smartphone so you don’t have to look for them if you want to share the tweet on one of them.

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The new panel is not an absolute novelty for everyone. This, in fact, had already been made available to a small circle of users for testing purposes. Starting today, anyone with an iOS device can use it. If you don’t like the new menu, switching to the classic sharing panel is very simple. All you have to do is click on the item “Share via …”Present in the new menu. What’s next on Twitter? Look forward to further updates on this.