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Trump listens to Elon Musk and finances the conquest of Mars to NASA

Trump listens to Elon Musk and finances the conquest of Mars to NASA

The conquest of Mars is a very hot topic in recent months, great impetus has come from the action of Elon Musk, eccentric billionaire who intends to conquer the Red Planet in recent years with his Space X. The South African tycoon is collaborating with the new American president Donald Trump as a consultant and the results are visible.

The Donald has in fact written a check for 19.5 billion for the NASA, all in line with what has been leaked in recent days. The aerospace agency will not have to deal with the cuts made to other agencies, whether scientific or medical. In the crosshairs there is an ambitious goal: to reach Mars by the 30s of this century. Let’s find out all the news about it together.

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Trump believes in the conquest of Mars

NASA’s budget is not touched for the moment, but Donald Trump on Tuesday set his goals for the future. Enough investments on Earth, aim for deep space, Mars at the top of the priority list.

“We support work, this is a question of work”, The Donald sees the conquest of space as a great opportunity in terms of employment, the financing plan was approved with an ok bipartisan, Republicans and Democrats agree.

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The role of the astronauts, approved alife health insurance for those who have worked in space. Good news not only for astronauts, but also for scientists who have studied the effects of space travel.

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The vice president Mike Pence has expressed its intention to relaunch the National Space Council, a body that serves as a link between NASA and the White House, inactive since the president of George W. Bush.

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There Asteroid Redirect Mission on the other hand, it is definitively canceled. Initially believed to be critical for sending humans to the lunar orbit as an intermediate step to get to Mars, this mission was declared unnecessary.

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“It is a great moment in history – said Donald Trump – now this nation is ready to be the first in space once again”. Many surprises from the White House, including the possibility of commercial flights towards the International Space Station.

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There is therefore a conspicuous business opportunity for private companies, such as Space X by Elon Musk. Trump, joking with the senators Rubio And Cruz (his rivals during the Republican primaries) did not say he was interested in space travel.

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“You could send the Congress to space,” Cruz jokingly proposed, “We could, that would be a great idea,” Trump said with a joke.