To play! Fornite will be completely free through Xbox Cloud Gaming – El Financiero

Fortnite, from Epic Games, which has different modes of action, is now available for free on Xbox Cloud Games, Microsoft’s cloud gaming platform, the company announced in a statement.

“Today we hit another key milestone as we expand our business model to make the cloud available to more people in more ways, going beyond Xbox GamePass to offer our first free title,” Microsoft said.

And it is that, the most famous video game among users battle royale, is now available through Xbox Cloud Gaming so that fans can play from their iOS device (Apple), Android phone or tablet, or on a Windows PC, through of the web browser.

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“We want to empower everyone around the world to play the games they want, with the people they want, on the devices they already have. We call this Xbox Everywhere. As we look to make gaming more accessible to even more people and reach three billion gamers around the world, we’ve invested heavily in the cloud,” the Microsoft statement said.

It should be noted that the Xbox platform, cloud gaming has been extended to more places, such as Mexico, Japan, Australia and Brazil, so Microsoft expects cloud gaming to be available in more places in the coming months.

On the other hand, the platform indicated that this is just the beginning “we will learn, we will implement comments and, over time, we will seek to bring even more free titles to players through the cloud. Our continued growth and ability to enable new business models has been fueled by how we’ve evolved the cloud to be part of the Xbox ecosystem.”

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So far, Microsoft has managed to introduce around 150 cloud-enabled games that have touch features, as is the case with titles like Gen-9 on Xbox One.