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Tips to save battery on iPhone

Tips to save battery on iPhone

Autonomy is the pillar of any smartphone, however fast and efficient it may be if it cannot provide many hours of use without having to resort to the charger. We recently talked about how to check the battery status of an Android mobile. Now, we will focus on how to save the battery on iPhone so that it has enough charge for a day of work and more.

Some iPhone features extend battery life.

So that the autonomy is sufficient for everything you need, you just have to follow each of the tips that we will give you below. With them you will improve the charging capacity of the mobile and the battery will benefit in the long term. That is, it will not rapidly degrade over time.

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– Optimized charging: iPhone will learn your daily charging routine. So it will wait for 80% before charging the remaining 20% ​​to avoid having all the charge unused. Go to “Settings” – tap on “Battery”. Select “Battery Status” and enable “Optimized Battery Charge”.

– Low consumption: It is useful to prolong the life of the load, for this it restricts the use of 5G, visual effects, update frequency, etc. Go to “Settings”, then tap on “Battery” and turn on “Low Power” mode.

– Activate automatic brightness: iOS does an excellent job in this section, so it is best to have it. Go to “Settings” and click on “Accessibility”. Choose “Screen and text size”, move the cursor down and enable “Auto-brightness”.

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– Reduce movement: It is used to eliminate the parallax effect, since it consumes battery of your iPhone. Being in “Settings”, click on “Accessibility”. Choose “Motion” and turn on “Reduce Motion”.

– Limit the refresh rate: a 120 Hz screen consumes a considerable amount of energy. The best thing in this case is to deactivate this function to improve autonomy. Go to “Settings” – “Accessibility”, choose “Motion” and enable “Limit frame rate”.

– Disable Background App Refresh: While this is a useful background task, it will drain your battery a bit. Go to “Settings” and click on “General”. Tap “Background App Refresh”. Then tap on “Deactivate”. You can also disable updating for each app separately.