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Tips to get the most out of the Android Auto app that many users ignore and is very useful – FayerWayer

Tips to get the most out of the Android Auto app that many users ignore and is very useful – FayerWayer

The number of applications that we can find in the Google Play Store, for Android operating systems, can seem endless at times. There are so many that it is almost impossible to know them all, but that does not mean that they are not very useful for day to day.

Next we are going to present you one that you may already know, but that you may know little about. The idea is that after this review you can get the most out of it.

It’s about automatic Android. This app, ideal for those who have vehicles, is the right assistant to avoid handling the cell phone while driving, without neglecting the needs that you require from your smartphone.

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The app enhances the functionality of other programs that are already included in the operating system, preventing you from putting your finger on the screen or taking the device in your hands, because we know that the eyes should not be out of the way.

Get the most out of Android Auto

For many who know the application, its function is only one: to use Google maps. They open the program, mark the destination, the software offers the route and goodbye application.

According to a computer review today, the Android service, available at this link, is much more functional than this simple show that they have turned it into.

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First of all, Android Auto is ideal for using the voice assistant. We agree with what the aforementioned portal mentions, that sometimes the voice recognition usually fails and opens anything, except what was requested.

However, when running Google Assistant through the Android Auto app, it logs more faithfully so you can plot a route via Maps, calendar, or make a phone call.

Another great feature that you can take advantage of in Android Auto is muting message notifications. Chat services like WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Instagram or even the same Facebook messenger can distract you if you are receiving constant notifications.

To do this, Android Auto allows you to silence notifications that clutter your screen and you can selectively run them. This way you don’t send the ghost to your boss, partner or important person that you want to meet at all times.

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calendar with address

There is an action that we all do daily fulfilling various functions: face-to-face meetings. First, we receive the agenda notification that we mark on the calendar. Then, we check the address and then we look for the most suitable route to reach our destination.

Well, with Android Auto you can do everything in the same option. All you have to do is ask Google, through a voice command, to go to your calendar. Then, you just have to press the arrow button on the touch screen and just like that you start the route through Maps.

The idea is that Android Auto feeds on functionalities and incorporates the apps that are compatible with the program into your cell phone. This way you will continue to use your phone responsibly while driving.