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Tiny bursts of gas to create dynamic Braille displays

Tiny bursts of gas to create dynamic Braille displays

A team of researchers from Cornell University worked together with others from the Israel Institute of Technology to find one new way of producing Braille devices. These devices are usually quite expensiveespecially the dynamics that change according to the user’s needs.

Also, they are quite heavy so an accessibility tool ends up being inaccessible. Fortunately, the new proposal is unorthodox but functional. The idea is to produce a series of bursts on the material of the Braille devices to produce small dynamic dots.

Lower costs

Braille is what the blind use to read, and there are more modern ways adapted to surfing the internet. With this new proposal, it is expected that the devices will not only weigh less and can be incorporated into other devicesand last but not least they will be cheaper to produce.

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In an article published a month ago, the team created a molded silicone mechanism which has tiny holes that can be filled with a mixture of methane and oxygen. Traces of liquid metal entering each hole create a spark, as if it were an engine. This causes small bursts which in turn cause a thin, flexible silicone membrane several millimeters to inflate and expand, creating tiny dots that can look like a Braille chart.

The user can “reset” the screen, for this he must press hard on a point to release a magnetic switch. This will allow the stitches to return to their natural position and you can repeat the process. The researchers comment that the explosions are small and controlled and the device does not overheat to endanger your fingers. The amount of fuel that needs to be used is very small, so it will be easier to market Braille displays using this method.