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TIM ko, telephone disruptions reported throughout Italy


TIM ko, telephone disruptions reported throughout Italy

Yet problems and disservices for one of the telephone operators most present on our smartphones. Both fixed and mobile networks TIM they are suffering in these hours not a few interruptions. The reports come from more and more users who report what is happening on the various social networks, but everywhere online.

Everything is taking place in these minutes and it would be several interruptions of the telephone service, both by fixed and mobile network users. TIM itself, however, at least at the moment, is not exhibiting itself. Not even on his Twitter account seems to have reached any details or explanations about it or, at least, a reassurance due to its customers.

Customers who, apparently, stretch on the whole territory of our countrystarting from Northern Italy, and then moving on to the capital and the whole center of the peninsula, ending also in the south and the islands.

What seems certain, however, is that such interruptions do not appear to be of “exemplary” significance. In fact, it would be a question of small disservices, but annoying and continuous. In short, a fixed and mobile network that would work in fits and starts at the moment.