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This is what you need to use a PC as if it were a NAS server

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This is what you need to use a PC as if it were a NAS server

NAS servers are one of the most demanded and interesting devices for the digital home. These devices allow us to set up our own private cloud to share files on the local network and the Internet easily and quickly, in addition, we can configure different services such as VPN servers, FTP and even use Plex Media Server to configure ours. Netflix with movies and series that we have on the server. If you have an old or unused PC, you may be able to give it a second life by turning it into a NAS server without spending a lot of money.

Hardware requirements to use a PC as a NAS

In order to use our computer as a NAS server, it is recommended that it meets certain requirements, especially at the hardware level, since later you can install any operating system to set up your own private cloud. The recommended hardware requirements are as follows:

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Another aspect that we must take care of is the box where everything is going to be installed. It is highly recommended that it be a silent box and that it cools all the components very well. If the old computer is in a very old box with poor cooling, our recommendation is that you replace it as soon as possible.

Once we are clear about the hardware to install, we must choose which operating system to choose.

What operating system do I install

Currently there are operating systems oriented to act as a NAS server, the objective of these operating systems is to greatly facilitate the configuration of all services, RAID and everything related to storage and backup. Today the most recommended operating systems are the following:

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As you can see, today we have a wide variety when choosing an operating system for our computer converted into a NAS server.