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This is how Google wants to convince you to go from iPhone to Android | apple | iOS | Game Store | Present

This is how Google wants to convince you to go from iPhone to Android | apple | iOS | Game Store | Present

Without a doubt, choosing between Android and iPhone is a difficult decision, but once made it is almost impossible to go back. Most smartphone users are very hesitant to switch platforms once they have chosen one; still, Google believes it can change this and therefore offers several reasons to opt out of the Apple ecosystem in your favor.

As reported by the WWWhatsNew portal (via iProup), Google highlights 3 main advantages that its Android platform maintains over iOS and other Android devices. Do any of them convince you? Here we list them

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The most important thing: the applications

It is without a doubt that Play Store It is a much more varied and open platform than the App Store (which does not mean that it offers better experiences), but for Google, at least in this case, quantity is better than quality and it stands out that many of the best known allow you to easily migrate from iPhone to Android

the ecosystem

This is a bit of an odd reason for Google, as Apple also has a very cross-experience focused ecosystem. However, both iPhone and Android have great cross-computer compatibility, and in the case of Mountain View, the versatility of phones with Windows computers and Chrome Book has greatly improved in recent years with features like NearShare and platforms like Use System. operating and the Android TV AND chrome cast.

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Video calls with anyone

There is no doubt that video calls on iPhone are very different from those on Android, this is mainly due to the closed environment in which Apple wanted to develop its communication apps. Yes indeed face to face is very different from any similar app like google-meet but what makes the latter stand out is that you can find it on any device from Samsung, Xiaomi and even Cupertino phones themselves.

The best app to measure the environmental temperature in this winter 2022

Thermometer++ is probably the highest rated app for this purpose on Android devices. This complete platform will allow you to know in real time the temperature, humidity and even the pressure of the place where you are.

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To download it, just go to this link:

To use it, you just have to open the app and configure the meter to show you degrees Celsius (°C), since by default it shows the temperature in Fahrenheit (°F).