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This Custom Gesture Can Close All iPhone Apps in Seconds

This Custom Gesture Can Close All iPhone Apps in Seconds

There’s a little trick within the accessibility options to create custom gestures, and we’re going to take advantage of it.

07/08/2022 09:10

Closing all open apps on iPhone can be a long and tedious process as we have to swipe them one by one. However, we can create a custom gesture that closes all open apps in a matter of seconds. And we are going to teach you how to create it and use it on your iPhone.

Before proceeding, you should note that closing all apps on your iPhone will not improve battery life or speed up iOS. Perhaps the opposite will happen. However, there are users who prefer it.

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Close all apps in seconds with this trick

Apple recommends “close an app only if it’s not responding” Because iOS automatically optimizes background apps on the iPhone, and when resources need to be freed up for open apps, the system takes care of it.

How to Close All iPhone Apps in Seconds

Surely you know the trick to close apps faster, if instead of using one finger you swipe up with three fingers, you will close three applications at the same time instead of one. And we’re going to take advantage of this to create our custom gesture.

Within the accessibility functions we have a call AssistiveTouch, which gives us facilities when touching the screen, such as a floating button to which we assign different functions. And one of the functions can be to create a custom gesture.

  1. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > AssistiveTouch.
  2. I activate the top switch.
  3. tap on create gesture.
  4. This is the key moment, you need to create a 3-finger swipe up gesture on the left side of the screen AND swipe fast, the faster you do it, the faster the apps will close. Repeat it more than once if necessary.
  5. Press Save and name the gesture as “Close apps”.
  6. At the top, under Customizable actions, tap Double tap and select the Close apps gesture.
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The first step is important, you must create this gesture

Now we have created the custom gesture and created a shortcut by simply double-tapping the floating AssistiveTouch button.

To close all iPhone apps in seconds, open multitasking by swiping to the center of the screen, double-tap the icon, place the dots well, and tap one of them repeatedly. You will see how the apps are closed 3 by 3 at lightning speed.

With this gesture you will close apps in seconds

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It is not perfect, but it can help you on more than one occasion. And remember, if you want to remove the floating AssistiveTouch button and can’t, you can always ask Siri to turn off AssistiveTouch. Your iPhone will be the same as always.