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They distribute SP2 before Microsoft itself


They distribute SP2 before Microsoft itself

This security update has already begun to be distributed by other unofficial pages. Microsoft provided them with SP2 to improve distribution, it was thought that it would not be available until the end of August, but from now on it can be downloaded.

Also Downhill Battle, made its own copy and distributes it through the BitTorrent file system. Thanks to this program, the transfer of SP2 will be fast, since you will download it to another user who is connected at the time, and another user who is also connected to you will download what you have downloaded.

The version distributed by Downhill Battle is for professionals, and its installation is more complex than the version for common users.

Microsoft recommended not to download this 266mb version if it is only to update a computer. Microsoft also pointed out that in the shortest time it will release a version more conducive to normal users, and smaller in size.

Although Service Pack 2 has given a lot to talk about, it seems that it will not be as much as we could imagine. And we’re not just saying this, but based on tests carried out on systems with FireWire ports.

As we know, these are capable of working at a speed of 800 Mbps, but if we install SP2 it will be reduced to 100 Mbps. Obviously, any user of this type of connection will avoid installing SP2.

We have to say, yes, that we can return to 800 Mbps by installing the drivers included in SP1, although this does not remove the huge mistake on the part of Microsoft. And, needless to say, if there are bugs like these in a service pack, there won’t be.