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There is still hope for the compatibility of the Pixel Watch with the iPhone | Technology

There is still hope for the compatibility of the Pixel Watch with the iPhone | Technology

Wear OS 3 still seems to hold many surprises and devices like the Google Pixel Watch are destined to decipher everything new that it will integrate.

Google’s new smart watch seems to be just around the corner and expectations are too high, but luckily with each passing day more features and functionalities are filtered on this new device. The last thing that has been leaked is quite interesting since it would mean an expansion of the target audience for this device.

And, it is that, In recent weeks several complex situations have come to light in the wearables sector. The first thing is that Samsung has decided to disable Samsung Pay on devices, both mobile and smart watches, that are not linked to devices signed by South Koreans.

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It is not a movement that has sat very well with the users of these devices who, for reasons of life, do not have their devices linked to Samsung terminals. And, it is that, the fact of paying for an electronic device and having its functionalities removed after a certain time is something that should not happen.

But this has not been the only thing that has happened in reference to wearables. Samsung was the first manufacturer to accept Wear OS 3 and, therefore, present devices compatible with this new version of the operating system for smart watches that comes from Mountain View.

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What happens is that, in the case of Samsung, its Galaxy Watch 4 watch with the arrival of Wear OS 3 stopped being compatible with Apple terminals. Come on, that the connection or, rather, the compatibility with Android devices it was limited. During all of this, it seemed like it would be a feature of Wear OS 3.

Of course, everything indicates that Wear OS 3 will continue to be compatible with Apple devices such as the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max. The News It is because there is a new smartwatch on the horizon, the Montblanc Summit 3 that would arrive with this new version of Google’s wearable operating system.

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By having this version of the Google operating system, what has been seen is that compatibility with Apple mobiles would be maintained. That being the case, it is more than likely that the Google Pixel Watch has this compatibility, although we will not know this until the day Google decides to make this watch official.