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The “unfortunate incident” streamer Zeling experienced during her IRL stream

The “unfortunate incident” streamer Zeling experienced during her IRL stream

The real life (in real life) category has been in fashion for several months and the Spanish streamer Zeling has been flirting with it lately. Your last transmission in real life He did it walking through the streets of Seville last Saturday, July 9, when an incident caught the attention of another streamer, who denounced the events that occurred on social networks, forming a small debate.

Throughout her broadcast, streamer Zeling made no reference to this incident, which we will explain in detail below. However, it was her counterpart Kyntasia who raised her voice: “I walked into Zeling’s real life thinking ‘let’s see how long it takes to see disrespect for being a woman’ and it was literally instantaneous. Gross”..

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Zeling did not notice the alleged “harassment” of a group of gentlemen

Zeling was walking calmly through Seville, camera in hand, when a group of gentlemen made him a kind of offer. In the video, the words “Hey, do you want a little ride” by the male group, to which the streamer responds with a simple “No thanks.”

Zeling then keeps looking at their chat and even smiles seconds later, without any hint of annoyance, awkwardness, or disappointment at the brief conversation. However, if we pull back the moviola, we can see how the group of knights ostentatiously stares at the streamer as she passes, their eyes fixed on her butt.

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So evident is the episode that even seconds after passing each other, the gentlemen, while clearly laughing, continue to look at Zeling. This is the aspect that the streamer and tweeter kyntasia has wanted to denounce on social networks, receiving both support and hatred, in a new controversy that uncovers a debate about machismo.

“I think those looks, the attitude, and that they could be their parents or grandparents are disrespectful”

The first defenses against the group of gentlemen are based on the fact that they would make this proposal to any passer-by: “Literally they tell anyone who passes by about the amusement rides, they are the ones who drive the horse-drawn carriages and have to sell them The subsequent attitude It is already another topic to criticize«.

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This line has been widely supported; “That’s what I was going to say. Literally anyone who walks past the horse-drawn carriages, but watch out, I know it sucks, but put everything like this.”

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