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The trick to delete old WhatsApp messages “for everyone”

The trick to delete old WhatsApp messages “for everyone”

Who hasn’t ever sent an embarrassing message in a wrong WhatsApp chat? What should be done in these cases to avoid bad impressions? Obviously, the first thing to do is delete the message “for all”. But if the time limit for doing so has been exceeded, what should we do? Again there is a remedy. Let’s find out together.

Well yes, there is a small one trick that allows us to delete old WhatsApp messages for everyone even if the time limit set by the messaging app has passed (about one hour from sending). In this article we are going to list the detailed procedure to apply it and avoid bad figures.

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WhatsApp: how to delete old messages for everyone

  1. Disconnect the internet connection of your smartphone (both Wi-Fi and cellular data);
  2. Open the device settings;
  3. Look for the section relating to apps;
  4. In the list, locate and select WhatsApp;
  5. Tap on the item “Terminate” corresponding to the app to stop it;
  6. Go back to the main settings page and look for the “Date and time” section;
  7. Inside it, modify the date and time making them match those of the sending of the message to be deleted;
  8. Open the WhatsApp app, locate the message to delete and proceed with the deletion “for everyone” (the option should appear).
  9. Activate the Internet connection.
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If activating the internet connection and entering WhatsApp, the item “This message has been deleted“, Then it means that the procedure has been successful. Look forward to more tips and tricks about the WhatsApp world.