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The search for PS5 gets even more complicated: GAME closes the waiting list for reservations for now


The search for PS5 gets even more complicated: GAME closes the waiting list for reservations for now

The Christmas campaign has already started, and it will be a good idea to look for your gifts as soon as possible. But it is better that you do not expect to find a playstation 5 because you are going to have it raw…

Since launching in 2020 we know that stock is running low, due in large part to a component shortage that affects every industry and won’t be resolved until well into next year, if you’re lucky.

The “Play 5” has been one of the most demanded products throughout 2021, and as happened last year, it is practically impossible to enter a store and buy it. In fact, the sale is only online.

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From the beginning, all PS5 sales, at least those made through specialized video game or electronics stores, have been through the web, and later, in some cases, through reservations.

Many of them work through a waiting list system in which when you subscribe you will receive notices directly in the mail to buy the console (the PS5 model with reader).

Others are serving the consoles to subscribers on a strict first-come, first-served basis and it is only possible to buy one per customer, to avoid speculation.

In the case of GAME, which has just announced that the entry list has reached its limit and is temporarily closed. Be careful, despite the chain’s tweet, it’s not the first time they’ve closed the waiting list.

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Notice: the entry list has reached its limit and therefore has been closed. We will notify you with any news about the opening of future listings.

People who have managed to register have more information in the link in this tweet 👇👇👇 https://t.co/NVpbHHHSPO

– GAME Spain (@VideogamesGAME) December 9, 2021

We assume that the increasing difficulty in provisioning consoles has caused the queue to peak, and the prospect of securing enough units to satisfy the queue is dire.

Soon, they will announce in advance when they open it again, and if you are looking for it, it is essential to register to be able to have the option to buy a ps5 when the stock returns.

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It is not an exclusive case of GAME: it does not matter the chain or store where you ask: nobody knows when they expect stock to arrive again, but it is almost certain that it will not be until after Christmas: All PS5s that are sold now are from reservations made in September.

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According to analysts, the consoles will still be very difficult to find in 2022 as well, but in a year the combined user base of PS5 and Xbox Series X/S will be enough to bet on exclusive games of the next generation (current generation). ) .

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Against this background, xbox series s, which currently does have regular stock, even physically in stores (the same does not happen with Series X) is a great alternative, much cheaper and with the possibility of playing the Game Pass catalog.

Even PS4 is still a good alternative if you don’t already have it: it’s easy to find very cheap and it has many very good games that in many cases are at really low prices.