The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra will not have a 10x zoom

There are several rumors that we have heard about the next generation of Samsung flagships, who seem to have even changed the naming scheme in the same style as NVIDIA adopted with its graphics cards RTX, and one of them was that the Ultra version of this terminal was going to have a 10x periscope zoom, something that seems that finally it will not be so.

According to the information we found in PhoneArena, there are several reasons why the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra will not have a 10x zoom, starting with the suppliers Optrontec and Actro, companies that supply the prisms for the periscope system manufactured by Samsung itself, who currently They only have prisms in production for a 5x zoom kit.

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Also, Samsung has only announced a 5x periscope zoom, which exactly matches the materials you are receiving from both Optontec and Actro, and that unless it is some kind of secret development, it would be quite difficult to see a 10x periscopic zoom in the Galaxy S20.

Finally, a detail that might seem insignificant is that the analyst Ming Chi Kuo I had already mentioned that the first terminal with a 10x periscopic zoom it won’t be any of the Galaxy S20 series, but the Huawei P40 Pro, and taking into account the track record of successes of this analyst, it is a point to take into account.

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What terminal do you think will arrive sooner with a 10x zoom? Tell us in the comments!