The Samsung Galaxy 4 will be available in Spain on April 27

The presentation of the successor to Samsung’s galaxy S3 disappointed many, basically the galaxy S4 is an update of the S3 adapting it to current technologies, with a larger screen and higher resolution. However, one of the biggest attractions with which the company promoted it was the “8 Core” Exynos 5 Octa processor, developed by Samsung itself, although in reality it is two sets of 4 cores, one based on the architecture Cortex-A15 for high power and consumption and another 4 based on Cortex-A9 to maintain lower consumption, those two sets of cores were never going to work together, so in no case would we have a processor with 8 cores working.

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Finally, the European version will bring another processor, specifically a Qualcomm Snapdragon S600, with 4 cores of an architecture very similar to the Cortex-A15 but from Qualcomm itself (Krait). In principle, this processor does not need another 4 low consumption cores as it can reduce the voltage and speed of each independent core, being able to work with very low consumption when all the power is not required, so for practical purposes of performance, the difference between the two models of the Galaxy S4 is practically non-existent.

The decision to include the S600 is given by the support for LTE networks, a technology that is gradually taking off in Europe and that the Exynos Octa does not offer on its chip.

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From April 27 at 10:00 in the morning it will be available in European stores, accompanied by various launch events.