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  5. The pandemic has had positive effects on the lifestyle of older people

The pandemic has had positive effects on the lifestyle of older people

The pandemic has had positive effects on the lifestyle of older people

We all know negative effects that the pandemic has had on our lifestyles, but new evidence indicates that older people may benefit from some changes. The results of this new study were published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. According to the team of researchers at the University of Stirling, the blockade due to the pandemic ended up having positive consequences in the daily lives of the elderly.

The pandemic has prompted older people to change their lifestyles for the better

The study, conducted by the Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences, took into consideration a sample of 1,429 participants. Among them, 1,198 (84%) were over 60 years old. Each of them was interviewed to assess how their lifestyle had changed during the years coronavirus lockdown. Overall, this study was in agreement with previous ones in which the pandemic was said to have accentuated the sense of loneliness in the elderly.

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However, this was not the only change observed in the results. They have in fact also been found other “positive effects” that the pandemic may have promoted in the daily lives of the elderly.

They are more connected to their loved ones through technology

Anna Whittaker, in charge of conducting the study, focused on the positive effects the pandemic has had on the lives of some elderly people. As the first of these, a increase in the use of electronic platforms and social networks in general. Therefore, reported as positive results for their mental health. The distancing, in fact, has encouraged some older people to embrace and interact with technology, such as Zoom, WhatsApp or FaceTime, to stay in touch with their loved ones.

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Thanks to this fact, the elders joined in new communities during the pandemic or became part of some of the ones they didn’t know. They also managed to connect with old friends and even communicate more regularly with their family and loved ones.

They have closer relationships with their neighbors and their community

As if that were not enough, the pandemic situation has also led the elderly to establish more concrete relationships with the people they are close to. As a result, they developed closer relationships with their neighbors and other community members.

Some have taken advantage of their few outings to not just exercise, but to chat and interact with other members of their community. They also have increased their participation in other religious and cultural activitieswhich in most cases have been moved to online platforms.

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What can we learn about the positive effects the pandemic has had on older people?

Research has not limited itself to considering the positive effects of the pandemic on the lives of older people. In fact it also provides us vital information to understand how to provide help and support to this sector of the population. Even when the world is not threatened by any global crisis, older people struggle with it feeling of loneliness and, in some way, they would like to continue to feel part of society.

Now, new research has revealed fantastic new tools for improving the quality of life of older people. These include the active social participation through social networksexercise and bonding with your community.