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The new version 99 of Chrome on Android loads web pages 15% faster

The new version 99 of Chrome on Android loads web pages 15% faster

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Chrome has reached version 100 in beta to bring a number of new features that make it once again one of the most important browsers we have. And now even on Android, with google chrome version 99, it improves page load speed. Not only does it stay here, but it has moved Safari on macOS into its own browser benchmarking tool.

Chrome is now faster than ever

Via AndroidPolicíalo that interests us in these parts is the speed that Google Chrome has taken so that it now loads web pages 15% faster and the application starts even faster to increase by 13%.

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chrome version 99

the free android

The first speed improvement is due to the fact that it now reprioritizes navigation in the thread dedicated to the interface, while the second is due to last year’s update. focused on tabs with calls like ‘Lyodried Tabs; that are no longer a mere capture of the tabs to generate them on the screen while they load in the background.

As for Chrome now being the fastest browser on macOS when switching to Safari, that’s because the big g has allowed ThinLTO to gain a number of small benefits from compiler optimizations. This has allowed it to gain 7% over Safari and 15% in graphics performance with the implementation of other improvements.

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Chrome on Android

the free android

Best of all, these measurements have been made with Apple’s own benchmarking tool, Speedometer, so there is no way to cheat and make it clear that the work done by the guys at Mountain has generated real improvements in speed. browser. The same thing that has happened in Android so that we load those web pages before to be able to enjoy new experiences that are not limited by the browser’s own performance.

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