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  5. The new CTL J5 is its first “ruggedized” Chromebook

The new CTL J5 is its first “ruggedized” Chromebook

The new CTL J5 is its first “ruggedized” Chromebook

This brand, quite unknown here, is known for its commitment to chrome book as a commercial product for various educational sectors. Curiously, its only office in Europe is in Spain, in Vigo specifically, and you can locate it here. Right now, from what we have seen on their website, they sell the J2 model, the predecessor of the new CTL Chromebook J5 which has not yet been officially launched on the market.

The new CTL Chromebook J5 It is based on a processor Intel Braswell N3050, with dual core, and has a convertible design that allows us to use it as a laptop or tablet. Its 11.6-inch screen has an IPS panel, with a 1366×768 dot resolution, and it is capacitive with 5 simultaneous touch points. It admits an optional Stylus, although it has not been detailed if it has a digitizer on the screen.

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The RAM memory is 4GB and the internal storage is 16 GB. It can be expanded using SD cards, Wifi, Bluetooth and supports USB 3.0 connectivity. Its price, in the US, will be close to 250 dollars.

Its design also has anti-shock protections and the casing has been treated to be able to withstand the jolt that these machines can suffer in school. Its integrated battery promises a whole day of use without recharging.