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The new best route calculation on Android and Android Auto

The new best route calculation on Android and Android Auto

Google Maps was, is and will continue to be the most used navigation application for calculate the best route between two points, thanks also to the many improvements available for free. One of these improvements concerns the evolution of Google Maps to keep in line with the changing trends of the automotive industry, which prompted Google to implement the app in the Android Automotive system.

How Google Maps will calculate the best route

On cars powered by Android Automotive, such as the Polestar 2, Google Maps is able to perform many more functions than it does on a mobile phone, as it can also provide drivers with information about the charging station, real-time mileage and even calculate the best route based on the characteristics of the vehicle and the current battery charge.

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Now, however, this feature will also be positively affected by the improvements. The latest updates include a feature that will allow you to change the route calculation procedure. Currently, Google Maps is configured to automatically suggest the fastest route to a given destination, but this behavior has always attracted a lot of criticism because in some cases, drivers simply want to use a different route; even defining it manually does not work, since Google Maps performs a periodic recalculation, once again automatically suggesting the fastest way to reach the destination.

To determine the fastest route, Google Maps examines data such as traffic trends, the maximum speed allowed for each road, distance and other factors that affect the time it takes to reach a destination. Thus, theoretically, users define their destination in Google Maps, the system calculates the shortest route, examines the slowest sectors and then adjusts the route accordingly.

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With the new updates, however, when you indicate a destination in Google Maps, the application will no longer take into account only the maximum speed and distance to be traveled, but also the slope of the road and traffic congestion. Using a complex algorithm, Google Maps will try to estimate the fuel efficiency for the specific route, indicating only the alternative with the lowest environmental impact.