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The iPhone will now recommend that we install non-Apple apps

The iPhone will now recommend that we install non-Apple apps

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The next time you buy an iPhone in Spain, you may be advised to install apps from developers other than Apple; Although it may seem strange, it may be the last step thought to avoid future litigation. It adds to the ability to change the default browser on iPhone, introduced in iOS 14.

When you start using a new iPhone, you expect to find all the usual Apple applications. From Apple Music to the Health app, through the Safari browser or FaceTime to make video calls.

If you want third-party apps, you’ll need to open the App Store and search for them; Something that seems logical because it is what has been happening for more than a decade, but that can get Apple in trouble for unfair competition.

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Third Party Apps on iPhone

With iOS 14.3, Apple is introducing a new feature that can help dodge those accusations: recommend third-party apps.

Discovered in the iOS 14.3 beta code, which has been released to developers, by 9to5Mac, this functionality will kick in the first time you turn on an iPhone or iPad.

The Apple App Store on an iPhone

Adrian Raya


During the process of setting up the new device, a new screen will appear showing several alternative applications to the ones that the iPhone has by default. The user can install them directly from this screen so that they are available when setup is complete, just like official Apple apps.

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In this way, we can save time searching for our favorite applications; Although it is not clear how Apple will select these applications and which ones will have priority.

Why Apple Recommends Others’ Apps

Although it may seem normal to us that Apple installs its applications on iPhones, these practices have been problematic in some markets, such as the European Union; and if not, let them tell Microsoft or Google, who have received or are about to receive heavy fines for including pre-installed applications on computers and smartphones.

Spotify is one of the applications that have complained about unfair competition from Apple

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The logic is that by including these applications, Apple has an advantage; the user is more likely to use apps that are already on the home screen, and they probably won’t start looking for alternatives from the start unless they already know about them. It is a logic that has been much debated in recent years, but the European Commission has traditionally followed it.

Recommending apps during the setup process may be Apple’s way of avoiding potential legal squabbles. Let us remember that Apple is already being investigated for unfair competition, after a complaint by Spotify and other developers.