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The iPhone 13 will have Touch ID integrated under the display!

The iPhone 13 will have Touch ID integrated under the display!

Although the new iPhones 12 have not yet arrived in stores, we are already talking about their future. According to a well-known leaker, L0vetodream, soon the Touch ID will return to the field on the iPhone. Yes, the dream of many users of a coexistence of Touch ID and Face ID on the iPhone could come true. Let’s find out the first details about it.

For months now we have been talking about the possibility of a return of Touch ID on iPhones. The presentation of the new iPad Air with the fingerprint recognition system in the power key it made it clear how much Apple is still interested in technology. It is only a matter of time before something similar arrives on the iPhone. Here’s what L0vetodream thinks.

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iPhone 13: Touch ID will come under the display and not in the power button

The well-known leaker seems to be pretty sure about it, Apple is developing a new technology that can bring the fingerprint recognition system below the display. This, as mentioned, will not lead to the exclusion of the Face ID. The two systems will coexist in the smartphone and the user can decide each time the best release system. Apple, also due to Covid-19 which forced everyone to use the mask, has decided to speed up the development of this technology as much as possible. Precisely for this reason, this could arrive in the field as early as next year.

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Those who do not intend to buy the newly presented iPhone 12, therefore, need not worry. Next year, the melafonini will introduce a lot of interesting news: reduced notch, 120 Hz refresh rate display on Pro models, etc. Look forward to all updates on this.

Ph. Credit: Apple.com