The DGT already has a system to fine you when you use the iPhone at the wheel. And it’s not the radars

Joke checking your iPhone or even holding it while driving. Apple has Do Not Disturb mode just for times like these when a distraction from your screen might cause annoyance. It is, according to the Spanish DGT, the biggest cause of accidents in the country. And that is why a new way of penalizing drivers who consult it by breaking the rules has been deployed.

An algorithm that will detect if we carry the iPhone in our hand while driving

Yes, we still have the radars that detect if we are going too fast on the road, but the new measure will consist of a network of cameras that will photograph us when we pass with the car in position. This photograph will go through an algorithm that will detect, among other things, if you have an iPhone in your hand while driving or on a support even if it is approved. All covered by a new reform of the Traffic Law, Circulation of Motor Vehicles and Road Safety.

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The network is made up of 216 chambers distributed throughout the Spanish territory except in the Basque Country and Catalonia, autonomous communities that have their own powers to legislate on traffic matters. In the photographs that are taken, the driver, license plate, date and time of the photograph included in the image must be clearly distinguished. If any of that data is not displayed correctly, there is a possibility that the photo may be invalidated by law.

What will happen if the software detects that you are driving with the iPhone (or another mobile) in your hand? The same fine can come to you if an iPhone is detected in a mount, but then the number of points removed becomes three. And yes, if what you carry is an iPad, the fine also falls on you. After all, it’s like carrying an iPhone but even bigger.

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What do we have to do so that we don’t get fined Simple: never use the mobile while driving and activate the Do Not Disturb mode, and if we need things like the route through maps, program it correctly before getting behind the wheel so that we only need to listen to Siri .

Image | Omar Al-Ghosson