The best apps to send flowers available on iPhone


Do not miss any special date, or simply send a significant detail that conveys your love to that person with these apps to send flowers from your mobile.

who doesn’t get excited receives a surprise and what better way to express what you feel than with a beautiful flower arrangement. For this reason, we present the most popular applications to send flowers. From the phone.

He flowers have always been a symbol of love, and over time each species and color conveys a different message. For example: red roses represent love and passion, while yellow are symbols of friendship, energy and joy.

Send a significant detail that conveys your love for that person with these apps to send flowers from your mobile.

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And it is no secret to anyone that a flower arrangement is a special way to surprise someone, full of colors, shapes and exotic natural fragrances that are emitted from them.

Fortunately, thanks to technological advances, it is no longer necessary to go to a florist to place an order, since there are mobile applications for this type of service. Meet them now!

These are the best apps to send flowers from your mobile

  • ‎Interflora Florist Portal
  • ‎
  • ‎Colvin
  • ‎Mizu We bring gifts and flowers.
  • clean store
  • ‎Mobile Florist – Flower Delivery

With this list of the best apps to send flowers from iPhone, users will be able to select the flowers they want and customize an arrangement that could be accompanied by an additional article along with a personalized dedication.

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Interflora Florist Portal

Interflora: always by the florist’s side

‎Among the companies dedicated to home delivery of flowers, interflora It is the oldest and safest that can be found. With quite a long history, it has become quite popular in the region of Spain.

Through it you can order flower arrangements with the flowers you want, regardless of the day and from the comfort of your home. Being remote you will have the possibility of accepting or rejecting orders as well as corroborating the delivery of the same along with a history of orders made.

Send Flowers: the best selection, fast and safe

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a special date is coming and you want to surprise a loved one, or you simply want to give a detail to that person who is far away, then this application is for you. With it you can make the best gifts, from beautiful and personalized flower arrangements to gifts available under a wide catalog available for the entire region of Mexico.

You can place your orders any day of the year and it will be delivered the same day. You have greater security for your orders by having the option to track the order and the exact time of its delivery.

you can also allow notifications so you don’t miss any special event and you can make your gift on time. Among the payment options you have debit, credit, bank deposits and PayPal transactions.

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Colvin: discover our designer bouquets

‎This is an extension of the popular Colvin florist where, through its app, users will have a more comfortable experience and with the same quality and security as if they were placing an order in person, in just a couple of clicks the order will be ready for be delivered in 24 hours.

Colvin has fresh flowers and a wide variety of species (roses, daisies, tulips, orchids, among others), in the same way, you can personalize your order by adding a vase with the style of your choice along with a dedication. Within the application you will find exclusive offers and you will be able to explore all its catalog without ads.

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Mizu We bring gifts and flowers.

Mizu: It’s easy to give away! Flowers, gifts and more

‎The best way to send a beautiful gift Anytime, anywhere. This is an app dedicated to sending gifts that range from the most beautiful and fresh flowers to amazing clothes, accessories and toys.

You can choose from bouquets, baskets, flower arrangements, flowers accompanied by toys and you can also select clothing, accessories, jewelry, rates, sheets, balloons and decorations.

Among its functions, you can add all the special dates and the app will take care of reminding you in advance so you can send a special gift. Every week there will be new offers, if there is a product you prefer, you can add it to the cart and the app will notify you when it is on sale. mizu ships in Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Germany and Vietnam.

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Clear Store

Claro Store: products selected for you

Of course it is the oldest digital shopping platform in Mexico, being among the most reliable, easy to use and with a variety of any type of product you want. When making a gift to a special person, you can search according to the category that most catches your attention, some product or solution to express what you feel.

If you want to send a flower arrangement, explore all the options from different stores with a variety of prices and offers. And if you don’t want to send flowers, you also have all kinds of items available to give to that loved one with home delivery under a completely secure system.

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‎Mobile Florist

Mobile Florist – Order and ship fresh flowers from anywhere using local florists

The largest and most reliable platform for ordering flowers, being very easy to use, either from the app or through its website.

Its design allows ordering according to the message to be transmitted, having several entries with varied matrix designs for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, congratulations, apology gifts, condolence gifts or simply a gift without being a special day. All these classifications will allow you to choose the perfect gift easier and faster.

Most orders are delivered the same day, since the app is associated with the florists closest to the desired location. It also has fruit basket gifts for those who like this type of concept.

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Do not go unnoticed on any special date, no matter where you are, place the order with the flowers that you like the most and with the decoration that you prefer, knowing that the person will receive a beautiful and fresh floral arrangement in complete safety.

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