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The best apps for fantasy football: iPhone, Android and Facebook

The best apps for fantasy football: iPhone, Android and Facebook

This year you can rely on more tools that will allow you to play your auction better and manage your team in the best possible way. For this reason we have decided to recommend the best Fantasy Football apps available around. Let’s start with those for iPhone and iPad

Fantasy Football App for iPhone and iPad

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– offline operation, internet connection is only required on a weekly basis to update the weekly grades;

– updating of the votes in the morning of the Monday following the Serie A matches;

– official assist update on Monday afternoon;

– automatic calculation of the score achieved by the fantasy teams;

– definition of customized rules for scoring (including module change and defense modifier);
– creation of squads with an unlimited number of players;
– quick entry of on-touch training;
– sending the training via email and SMS;
– complete statistics of the current year, which can be ordered for a myriad of parameters (goals scored, goals conceded, penalties, yellow cards,….) With a personalized card for each player.
– internal browser where you can select your favorite sites for probable formations, disqualified, injured, etc …
– send the score table of each day by email
– management of fully customizable private leagues, including rankings and match schedules for tournaments with direct matches or points rankings.

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iFantacalcio is free but then you have to download the data update at a cost of € 2.39


As for Android, the choice is unfortunately a little more limited. Here are the best apps we found:

Is it late, you are not at home and you have to send the training? Don’t worry, there’s FantAndroid! Present functionalities and technical characteristics: 1) management of an unlimited number of fantasy teams 2) definition of the number of players per role for each fantasy team 3) available leagues: SerieA (Italy), Serie B (Italy), Bundesliga (Germany), Liga (Spain) , Premier League (England), Ligue1 (France), Eredivisie (Holland) 4) choice of one or more sms / email recipients for each team 5) configuration of all rules 6) choice of bonus / malus values: 7) sending training in FantAndroid format 8) import of training received in FantAndroid format 9) send training via sms, short text message (first 4 letters for each player), email, copy paste 10) save training in draft with automatic loading of the last saved / sent training 11 ) training validation with modules 3-4-3,3-5-2,3-6-1,4-4-2,4-3-3,4-5-1,5-4-1,5-3 -2 12) consultation of probable formations (owner, injured, suspended, match, plays at home / away) of fantaclub.it of the SerieA players 13) consultation of the and the latest SerieA fantasy football news on the FantAndroid website 14) zoom on the screens by “touch” 15) selection of the order of the benches based on the sequence of “touches” 16) archiving of the formations for a specific day of the championship which can be consulted in the archive section 17) for SerieA, consultation of the votes of FantAndroid (Milan editorial staff) /pianetafantacalcio.it (section “G”) of the players for each matchday: score in the report card, scoreboard vote, yellow card, expulsion, own goals, goals scored, goals conceded, rig saved, wrong rig, assists, played more or less than 25 minutes, winning goal, draw goal, etc .. 18) for SerieA, automatic calculation of scores for archived formations based on the rules and bonus / malus values ​​defined 19) link with the Google Calendar reminder to remember to send the line-up 20) for SerieA, sending scores and scores of the day of the fantasy team via email 21) for SerieA, updating votes, results, rankings which are available every Monday / Tuesday 22) ALSO IF YOU PURCHASE THE FANTANDROID + VERSION (https://market.android.com/details?id=gcarrassiplus.it) for SerieA, management of an unlimited number of ghosts with calendar generation, day selection of A from which to start the league, calculation and sending of results and rankings by email, updating and reloading of results and rankings

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The essential app to make the fantasy football auction! This application gives you all the advice you need to participate in a fantasy football auction. The app, in fact, in addition to presenting the list of players for the 2011-2012 season grouped by role, provides a screen dedicated to each individual player. The player’s joke shows (besides the name and the team in which he plays): – age (calculated with reference to the end of the 2011-2012 season – the country of birth – the role – the evaluation: it is an absolute value of potential of the player, calculated on the basis of the scores assigned by some managerial football games. This value is not intended to indicate the value of the player for the purposes of fantasy football but only to provide an indication of his potential. – the probability of being a starter next season – the cost of the player Below are the statistics of the player in the Italian league starting from the 2003-2004 season. The table shows: season, team, appearances, fantasy media, average rating, yellow cards, red cards, goals, assists for each player his own rating: from 0 to 5.

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Do you want to play fantasy football on your Android phone? This is the application for you. Configure one or more teams, decide the game module, choose the squad available to you from the lists of players in the gazette with constantly updated odds, deploy your starting team and reserves and calculate the total score including bonus. Ability to send training, roster and results via text message or email. The application allows you to do all this in no time. There is also a paid version. The only difference is the lack of advertising.

Customized calculations: -Enable / Disable assist bonus -Enable / Disable home games -Enable / Disable defense modifier Matches’ votes and new odds will be available online without having to update the application the night they are published in the gazette.

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Fantasy Football Facebook App

This is an excellent social game for Facebook that allows you to become presidents and coaches of a football team made up of players selected by you personally, chosen from real players who play in competing teams for the 2011/2012 Serie A championship. There are two main challenges.

The first is the classic free-for-all. While the second is a social challenge (as we could call it) since you can compete with your friends and show them all your managerial and fantasy football skills. The game in question, Fantacalcioville, in fact, was created in collaboration with the Repubblica site.

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Go to Fantacalcioville.

Fanta Serie A is another fantastic Facebook application that allows you to play fantasy football and manage your team online. Fansta Serie A is highly rated by its users and boasts around 180,000 active users every week. It is absolutely worth a try. Go to Fanta Serie A

That’s all for this year. We will keep you updated, as usual, on the main news. Good luck and good fantasy football!